Power To The People

Simon Sinek shares his views on Donald Trump.



This is an excellent commentary on the condition of politics in America.



Answers to Community Questions

Why Aren’t American Teenagers Working Anymore?

The decline of the summer job.

. . . In July of last year, more than two in five 16- to 19-year-olds were enrolled in school. That’s four times times as many as were enrolled in 1985, BLS data show.

Students have more to learn in their four years of high school. In 1982, fewer than one in 10 high school graduates had completed at least four years of English classes, three years of math, science, and social science, and two years of a foreign language. By 2009, the most recent data in the U.S. Digest of Education Statistics, the share of grads taking those classes was almost 62 percent.

. . . A summer job can help teenagers grow up as it expands their experience beyond school and home. Working teens learn how to manage money, deal with bosses, and get along with co-workers of all ages.

. . . In a study released last month by the National Bureau of Economic Research, researchers analyzed the effects of two Chicago programs providing students with part-time jobs along with mentors for the summer. The programs had little apparent effect on the teens’ later employment or education—a big concern in itself—but arrests for violent crime plunged, by 42 percent for one program and 33 percent for the other, an effect felt for at least a year after the programs ended. If teens got nothing else out of the jobs programs, the researchers suggested, they were at least “learning to better avoid or manage conflict.”

Students are learning to pass a test in class instead of the necessary academics that prepare them for college and careers.  Students do not have more to learn they simply have to learn the basics that are no longer being taught.  

As early as elementary school, childen are being denied a basic education in lieu of federal and state mandated curriculums that ignore academics but prepare children for a life of unquestioned servitude.

Change education by eliminating the corporate control of education through party politics legislation over education.

As a “No Party” voter, you are unemcumbered by party politics and can vote on the issues that directly effect your community and our nation.

As a “No Party” candidate I will work for the people of Rochester, to solve the problems we face in our community and work with the politicians that have been unable to adequately address issues of poverty, safety and educational failure.


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