As a Rochester resident for more than 50 years, I have seen Rochester at its greatest and Rochester now.  I am running for Mayor to make Rochester great again.  I am not a party politician, I will be a public servant, paid by the people to make our city prosperous.  I cannot do this alone but must have the support of the people to revitalize Rochester.

Together we can make our city a vibrant, successful city where people want to live and raise their children in an educationally successful environment where respect for self and others are an important aspect of the community in which we live and work together.


In 2011 I began writing a blog on education accountability in Rochester, New York.  In researching the policies of the Rochester City School Board I found that the problems we have incurred in providing our children with an excellent education extended far beyond the borders of our town into the large, urban, inner-city districts across the nation.  I found it was necessary to advocate, not only locally, but at the State and Federal levels as well, for a better system of education for all children.

Articles and blog posts have been written about my journey towards the adoption of a Constitutional amendment making an excellent education the human right of every child in America.

Below are some of these articles and Youtube videos of my advocacy.