Press PhotoLori Thomas for Mayor

We, the people of Rochester, can make our city work for us by working together to make it a better place to live for everyone!


Vote for the only candidate running as an Independent, free from party affiliations and party control!


Campaign Headquarters 534 W. Main Street Rochester, New York   14608

(585) 351-8462

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Six Point Plan

  • Increase owner-occupied housing
    1. Tiny house project
    2. Community co-op project
  • Increase entrepreneurship
    1. Hydroponic greenhouse opportunities
    2. Bee farming opportunities
    3. Technology based small business opportunities
  • Increase Rochester’s tax base
    1. Increased owner-occupied housing
    2. Freedom from “Big Five” control over the RCSD
  • Increase safety in neighborhoods
    1. Four area emergency response centers, one in each quadrant of the city
    2. Increase foot and bike patrol in all neighborhoods
    3. Support PAB and create an attitude of respect between citizens and police
    4. Support PAC-TAC and TOP programs
  • Increase neighborhood cleanliness
    1. Support neighborhood associations “Clean Neighbors” projects
  • Increase young adult work programs
    1. Teens on Patrol
    2. Clean Teens
    3. Programs suggested by the community